Fraud-busting and being creative

I'm keeping the momentum going ... this is my latest canvas, now in my Artfinder shop (

In creating this painting, as with "Sunlight is Gold" completed recently, I very much enjoyed working from my imagination and using lots of texture, and am waiting for a delivery of more canvases so I can continue the series. In time, they may lead to a larger painting.

I think they go well together; do you agree?

In other news, over the weekend I was also approached online by someone presenting himself as an art collector in France who wished to buy one of my canvases.

Something(s) about his message seemed a bit off to me, so I downloaded his profile pic and performed a Google Images search. Ha - that photo was of a genuine Frenchman with a completely different name, so I contacted him and we have taken steps to stop the scammer. Since then, two more people have contacted him about the scammer.
The moral of the story: don't be blinded by a potential purchase, and if you feel uneasy, do some research. And my status this morning: relieved I avoided a costly mistake!