Feeling creative
Today I've been getting to grips with some small abstracts on canvas. I enjoy the freedom of these: mixing textures, moods and colours, working intuitively and getting messy.

One of the benefits of acrylics is generally that they dry quickly which suits the way I work. However, because of the mix of materials in these, a longish (by my standards) drying time is needed, and so I work on a few at a time, constantly composing, reviewing, adjusting, reworking, imagining, experimenting ...

Sunlight is gold

It's amazing how new ideas constantly emerge as I progress; I'm working small at the moment but hoping to gradually move to larger canvases to capture new inspiration.

Gold to airy thinness [sold]
Also shown in this post are three little abstracts which I completed last year - as always, you can find out more and see other work in my online shop https://www.artfinder.com/louise-diggle#/

Moonlight my guide