Cross-cultural influences and idle musings

Well, I had a lovely break over Christmas and New Year  - so, before I forget: happy new year everyone!

A wonderful gift I received was an assortment of Japanese paper and other stationery items from a good friend who'd just returned from a trip to Japan. Looking through the fascinating package yesterday evening, considering how I could perhaps use some in my art, my thoughts turned to oriental art generally, and to an introduction to Chinese painting I attended a couple of years ago where I produced this simple rendering of bamboo:
Bamboo - my first attempt at Chinese painting
 .... and my mind then drifted to the plant life, including bamboo, which so fascinated me in Australia this year.
Bamboo - watercolour of bamboo in Australia
Loved the shapes of plants in Australia
Strong shapes of plants in Australia

Will anything come of these musings? Hard to say, but maybe in time.