Tarporley Art Gallery

I went to Tarporley Art Gallery this afternoon to collect my paintings, but the paintings are no longer there, and nor is any money for them. Hmmm ... that doesn't seem right.

So if anyone knows what has become of the paintings shown in this post, please get in touch with me and provide any information you can.

No. 1: Cow painting, measures 3ft x 2ft. I have painted smaller versions and similar versions but this is the one I'm chasing.

No. 2: Donkey painting; I'm not sure of the exact size but think its something like 90cm x 30 cm.

No. 3: Donkey painting again; this is a 60 cm square deep-edge canvas. HOWEVER there is a very similar painting at The Nags in Garthmyl which is not dodgy!

These two paintings of swans cannot be confused with any other work by me. They measure 30 cm square.